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The rechargeable batteries are a vital part of the portable lightening. The power of portable batteries depends on the amount of charging of that particular battery. More charges the battery can handle, the more power it can supply to an instrument or any device when needed. A rechargeable battery can have the capacity of running a car or even lighting the whole house.

The portable lights can be charged with the help of rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable batteries can get their power from either solar energy or electrical energy. The solar energy can provide sunrays to the cells that help them to power up.

The powered up batteries, or fully charged batteries can then supply the power in them to any portable lighting appliances. The rechargeable batteries used in portable lighting, as well as, solar light are mainly of four types. One can choose from

Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Lead-acid and Lithium-ion Depending on the kind of mAh in these batteries, as well as your requirement. Each of these batteries have their own advantages, like differences in

Prices of the cells, The time taken by the specific battery for charging as well as discharging, Tolerance of difference in the temperature, Voltage capacity, Friendliness with the environment, Period of power supply of a charged battery after connecting to the lighting, and so on.

The proper comparison of all the types of rechargeable batteries can give you the specific type of rechargeable battery that can suit your requirements. You can make a choice depending on the above factors and avail the best rechargeable batteries for your portable lightings.