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If you are going to be using the lithium battery for solar application for your home you want to make sure that you are picking the right one. Picking the right one can help you to ensure that you are getting what you need; including how much electricity it can hold and even how to use it. You want to think about a lot of things when you are considering using these, including what other items you are going to require to get the project completed and to cut down on your electricity bill at the same time. You should make sure that you are thinking about what other parts would be needed to be purchased, including the panels. You want to find the ones that would work together the best and that would fit all of the needs that you would have for your home or business. You want to think about the price, the type that you are looking at, the common usage and so much more, so go ahead and start thinking about what you are going to require for your home. The experts are available to help you to make the right choice for all of your needs.

Technical Specification 12V 30Ah
Application Solor Street Light
Model Number MEIPLL-12030
Battery Energy 360Wh
Charge Voltage 14.4V
Charge Current 10A
Discharge Voltage 9.8V
Discharge Current 10A
Dimension 128mm*160mm*80mm
Weight 3.5kg
Pack Type Metal Case/ Soft Pack