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The source of energy like electricity or solar power is very important to the modern technological world, running a computer, charging for mobile, or even for domestic purposes in the house such as lights, microwave, and so on. What if this energy or power goes off due to some technical problem or natural hazards? The world will come to a standstill if the power goes off due to any issue.

However, there are excellent solutions to this problem, and the name of the answer is the Batteries!

Yes, Batteries are the solutions that can be a substitute for a limited period of time if there is a power failure. In simpler words, batteries are those devices in which power can be stored and then used for future purposes.

The batteries mainly of two types, standard batteries, and rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries are those cells that can be recharged after using them.

The rechargeable batteries can be charged by electrical supply or solar energy. When the batteries are fully charged, they can be used for the running of various types of equipment. The rechargeable batteries can run the vehicles, types of machinery, lightings, and all the other things which are in need of the power to run.

The rechargeable batteries can be divided mainly into two groups one for commercial purpose and the other for domestic use. The other types of batteries can be differentiated into air batteries, chemical batteries, dry batteries, and so on.

The vital thing is that the rechargeable batteries can be considered as an excellent alternative during a power failure.